How to Add a User to Your Website

Whether you want to get your virtual assistant or a co-author on your website, we'll show you how to do it. Based on your plan, you might have a limit on the number of users. If you'd like to upgrade your plan to have more users, you can follow these instructions on how to upgrade.

  • In the admin dashboard, go to "Users" > "Add New"
  • Add their email address
  • Select which role they should have on your website.
    • Subscriber: Can only update their profile, but can't access anything else.
    • Contributor: Can create books/page, but can't publish them or make them visible to the public.
    • Author: Can create and publish books/pages only made by them.
    • Editor: Can create and publish books/pages either made by them or other people.
    • Administrator: Has the same capabilities as you.

Once you've added your user, they will get a link to set up their password. If they run into any problems setting up their account, let them know to contact us at and we'll help them access your website.

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