What Happens If you Reach Your Limits

The way our system is set up, if you are on a low-tiered plan and try to either upload too much content or too many users, you just won't be able to. So in that sense, there is no way to "go over" your limit. You don't have to be worried that your website will go offline. If you want to be able to go above those limits, you will need to upgrade your plan. You can follow these instructions to upgrade your plan.

In the case where you have a higher-tiered account and want to downgrade, you'll have to make sure you are within your limits or your front-end (the part of your website that is visible to your visitors) won't be available. You will still be able to log in to your website to either remove users or files, but as long as you are above your website won't be accessible to your visitors.

If you want to downgrade your plan and are above your limits, we recommend reaching out to our team first at support@novely.co. We can help you smooth out the process.

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